I'll take it

Next month Trevor and I will celebrate six whole years of wedded bliss. We've come into a truly sweet spot in our lives. No more of the hairy-canary school days of homework till midnight every single day with tuition bills looming, no more NICU days and nursing two babies at once followed almost immediately by another pregnancy. The girls are maturing rapidly, communication and rational thought in both Josephine and Amelia are developing nicely. Hazel has always been an angel baby, and somewhere in the last few weeks she has 'caught up' with the twins. She can eat all the same food, participate in all the same activities (almost) and is learning to talk with a new word everyday.
Our days have a happy rhythm, and I am content. It feels good to look back a little and see what we've accomplished, and I kinda marvel that I did it all. The twins are almost 3 years old, and I am still sane (there was a question for a while there...). Trevor and I have never been happier with each other, and I feel like many of the early trials of our marriage have been ironed out. I think we really understand each other, and we know what we both need and want.
Obviously things are never perfect; there are times when I absolutely lose my mind spending unending hours with toddlers, and sometimes Trevor and I can irritate each other. But even with all of that, its about as close to perfect as it can be right now, and I'll take it.

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  1. i feel content just reading this, Shelley. I love your blog.