My Children - in Google Search Terms

Outdoor activities for active children under age 4
Indoor activities for active children under age 4
Pirate Princess
How to handle a temper tantrum in public
She Ra
How to cooperate with a stubborn child

Vintage monkey
What to cook for fussy eaters
How to protect a fair child from sunburn
Black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons
How to deal with a sensitive child

Teddy bear tea parties
The perils of having a favorite child
How to nurture your third child
Diaper Rash
Lift-the-flap books
How to teach your 18-month-old to share

I'm pretty sure I've actually googled every single one of those search terms in regards to my children. And Jo and Millie - if you're reading this in some distant future, I love all my children equally, I adore you two, but right now Hazel is so much easier than you have ever been that she may be my favorite for today. That's okay because I love you all with all my heart. 

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