There was a week in my life that I spent on the Amazon River, in the heart of the rainforest. I slept in a hammock on a tiny riverboat, fished for piranhas, caught caimans, danced around a huge bonfire, and got bit by more insects than I knew how to name. I came back with a fabulous tan, and something living in my intestines. I came back to the MV Explorer with some crazy jungle disease, as did a fourth of my classmates who also spent a week on the Amazon. I don't actually remember the three days I spent in my cabin, presumably sleeping and vomiting, until my friend Vanita came for a visit and brought me to the ship's nurse. My family thought I'd died. I've never been so sick in my life before or since.

Millie thinks she's that sick right now. In her experience, it is the sickest she's really been. It breaks my heart to see my rambunctious active preschooler taken out by a tummy ache. She's just laying on my lap, asking for her stuffed Captain Hook. I'm not going to lie though, it is kind of nice to have a change of pace.

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