Why, if it isn't Mr. Darcy

Here's how the conversation went with Daina this afternoon:

Daina: Tonight's the All Night Senior Party!!!
Me: Yay! How fun! At my Senior Party I hung out with Beth and Holly. We left after two hours to go home and watch the 6-hour Pride and Prejudice.
Daina: I'm not sure I'm going to make it...
Me: Oh I think you will, as soon as you see some Colin Firth.
Daina: I meant the Senior Party! OF COURSE I can make it through P&P!

It filled me with grand benevolence towards my sister and old, dear friends. And a craving for some Mr Darcy in the white-shirt-after-his-bath scene :)

PS~ The Firthinator will always be my Mr Darcy, no matter how many remakes of P&P come 'round!


  1. I love you Shelley!!!! I loved that conversation!! I laughed for at least ten minutes afterward. I remember once, we were both sick on a Sunday, and we watched the good P&P, all six hours of it, quietly moaning and huddling in blankets. I'll always be able to watch that one! Colin Firth.... MMMMmmmmMMMmmm..

  2. Such a great post, Shelley.