The Perils of Living Near a Moog

Me: Millie, you really need to eat your food.
Millie: When Moogie's here, she give me Skittles.

Me: Millie, you need to wear clothes when we go outside.
Millie: When Moogie comes, she take off my shirt.

Me: Jo, I can't find your surf Mickey anywhere. I've looked all over.
Jo: Moogie can find it!

Me: Millie, you have to keep the band-aid on, or your owie will get worse.
Millie: When Moogie comes, she take it off.

Jo: When Moogie here, she help me.

According to my children, when my mother watches the girls, they get to eat only Skittles and ice cream, naked, with all their favorite toys accounted for, watching only their favorite movies. They live the life without me around!

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  1. This sounds like a grandmother's job well done!