In response to my dismal post yesterday, I have to follow with what prayers were most certainly answered today, in these ways:
  1. The girls were abnormally sweet and kind to each other today. They shared toys. They gave each other unprompted hugs and kisses. They surprised each other with sweet 'gifts.' I really needed to see that the things I have been trying so darn hard to get them to do are actually sinking in.
  2. Irrigation. Fun for the whole family, and a whole days worth of practically free activity for three active girls.
  3. Because of all the ice cold water and hot sunshine, the girls wore themselves out today...then they all slept for 2 HOURS. I let myself just sit and read. I still spent more time doing dishes than reading today, but whatever. I got to read.
  4. I told Trevor yesterday that I could weather just about anything if I knew that at the end I would be rewarded with some serious time in Europe. But no one can promise me that, so instead, I prayed that when I die I can live in the Von Trapp Family Mansion. (Where presumably I would also sew my many children adorable clothing from the drapes.)
  5. Samwise. I was wrong about having a dog. I thought it would add significant stress to my daily life, but amazingly, it has done the opposite. This little pooch follows me around, he's submissive and friendly, and so gosh darn cute. Right now he's cuddled up next to me, content and sweet. He provides some excellent fuzz therapy. He's just a great dog. 
  6. This month's Victoria magazine provided some pretty terrific mental vacays. Like that Tuscan villa, wow. Also, I baked a coconut cake with berries and cream. Baking is always a good idea with the girls. 
So yes, life as a stay-at-home mother with three crazy kids can be mind-boggingly boring, exhausting and down right hard work. But I know that God hears and answers our prayers, and today He provided me with what I truly needed to get back to being the mother I want to be.


  1. This post made me happy :)

  2. And dang was that coconut cake worth it. But the girls are too. Besides, I've never been around girls that age that adore books the way they do. So someday I'm sure they'll be the ones begging to be left alone so they can read.