Today one of my old friends posted pictures of her recent visit in Copenhagen. She looked amazing. Super fashionable clothes, gorgeous hair, her cute European bicycle...wow. Not to mention all the amazing places she was visiting.
It might be because I'm living day in and day out with three young children, but I've lost some perspective. When I see friends my age still living exciting lives abroad and looking chic and thin, I just can't help but wonder what I'm doing all this for. I'm not getting much out of it. I'm absolutely exhausted at this time everyday. I'll never fit in my wedding dress again, I drive the most boring vehicle ever, I spend more time doing dishes and laundry than I do reading these days. Its embarrassing to take my kids anywhere, they are so loud, rambunctious, wild. I get looks everywhere I go, and even my closest family will make comments about how barbarous they are.
I'm forgetting what its all for, and I'm not sure how to re-energize when I feel like I'm barely keeping up with necessities. I have an enriching inner landscape, but somedays its just not enough, especially when your beautiful friends post pictures of Copenhagen.

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  1. This is when I know I need a break. Not to "get away" but so that I can look at my own bubble from the outside for a minute. A paradigm alignment, per se. I'm going to a conference Friday evening if you want/are able to go with me: http://segullah.org/daily-special/the-battle-in-our-brains-part-2/ Shoot me an email if you want in.