What I love & hate about the season

  • Eating outside. My broom hardly remembers my touch
  • Playing outside with the hose, girls getting filthy dirty and tired, which makes for good nap times
  • Feeling grass between my feet
  • Leaving every window in the house open all day and all night
  • Leaving the car windows open
  • Night crickets chirping outside my window in the fairy garden, with my solar flower lamps aglow
  • Summer blockbuster movies
  • Trips to the lake, swimsuits, sunshine
  • Fresh flowers in my house
  • Hot dogs grills
  • Irrigation
  • Bike rides
  • Afternoon thunder storms

- blank -

T'aint nothing I hate about summer. I don't even mind 95+ degree days. I guess the only thing I can think of is that I hate it when Doug Fabrizio goes on vacation, and Radio West plays only repeats. Makes doing the dishes much less enlightening.

May summer live forever!

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