Revelations from the Trip to the Cabin

  • My dad is good at Foosball. Like, scary good. Beat all the younger men. Who knew?! We could hear victory cries a mile away.*
  • Situla may be the best Balderdash word ever.
  • My children can surprise me in fantastic ways. Millie got her first swim lesson from her aunt Dani, and Millie really took to it. All three girls loved boating, but (like their mother) found life vests offensive.
  • My little sister can beat me in a foot race. But not if I snag her shirt :).
  • Having extra pairs of grown-up eyes doesn't ensure you won't lose your kid. Twice.
  • I could look out the window at bodies of water every day and never tire of it. There's a deep satisfaction there.
  • A two-day vacation is just enough to show you how much you truly need a break, but not enough to feel quite satisfied.
  • Bringing your young children on vacation takes illogical amounts of time and effort, and somehow no one gets enough sleep.
  • If you see giant dinosaur statues on the side of the road, you must stop. Its worth it.
  • Reading books and playing the harmonica is great. Even better in a magical tent.
  • Dairy Keen in Heber has a Coca-Cola Freestyle. I tried a raspberry Diet Coke and a Peach Fanta Zero. It was like having a drink from the future.
  • Sewing in companionable silence with my grandma, cool breezes coming off of the lake through the open window, will be a memory I cherish.
  • "Utah Log Cabin" architecture is (blah!) not my favorite, but surprisingly easy to live with.
  • The whole family picking raspberries for breakfast was delightful.
  • Hearing the Irish flute and guitar waft through the house was soul-soothing.
  • Hanging out with all three of my brothers for the first time in four years was spectacular!
  • Uncle Andy's iPod apparently has the ability to hypnotize Josephine.
  • There are people who live in Garden City year-round, but their high school graduating class is only 30.
  • Its fun having siblings all over the age of 18.
  • I love my family more than I even knew, and I loved having everyone in one spot, even just for two days.

*Addendum: Trevor is insistent that I include the fact that my dad did not beat him. Trevor went undefeated. In his words, "If our lives depended on my Foosball skills, we would survive."

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  1. That was one of the best vacations ever!