emerging to a crossroads

Trev and I went on a bonafide date last weekend. Its amazing what kind of communication can happen when both parents are relaxed and the room is quiet! The twins turning 3 and heading to preschool this year marks a big change. I feel like we've been submerged in a crazy-baby stage, and for three years our thoughts and actions were almost always centered on everyday survival. I feel like we've passed the hardest part.* I can go to the grocery store without help, the girls have conversations with me and can negotiate. Two of the three are out of diapers. We feel like we are coming out of the thick of it!
Now that we can think and plan for the future in a more concrete way, I feel like we're approaching a crossroads. We need to decide what our future is going to look like. We have ideas, but this will involve a lot of prayer over the next few months. 

*Whenever people say "Well, just wait till they're teenagers," I want to smack 'em. Because at least with twin teenagers you get SLEEP before you have to face another day.

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