my shoe girl, brain can't function at Target, and Samwise loves me best

I've had several ideas rolling around my brain to blog about, none of which make a whole blog post, so here are some mini-ones.
  • We used to tease my mom about mixing up our names or jumbling words. I totally get it now. Raising little kids is like juggling, so many balls in the air and things to think about that my other brain functions slow down (or quit all together). I can't even verbalize at Target.
  • I love having a dog. So much more than I thought I would. I think its because I finally have a dog that loves me best of all (Trev is a close second). Follows me around, wags his tail for me, and greets me first when the family comes home. I was always jealous of how much our family dogs loved my mom, and now Samwise thinks I'm the greatest :). 
  • At the Disney Store Millie spotted these seriously adorable, sparkle-yellow, kitten-heeled, be-ribboned, Minnie Mouse shoes. They HAD to be hers. She wore them around the store, refusing to take them off even though they had constricting elastic between them. She won't take them off except to bathe, or if she knows she is going to get wet or muddy. I took a picture of her feet in them at 11 PM last night. In her prayers tonight she asked Heavenly Father to let her go to the store to find more Minnie Mouse shoes. Josephine has been copying her, wearing her new shoes, but she definitely lacks the conviction of her twin. There were a couple of times today she was only wearing her underoos and those heels...hysterical. I'm going to keep these shoes forever....

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  1. Aggie was possibly the finest dog who ever lived. However, she had one fault--I was NOT her favorite. In fact, I was last on her list of Cannons. I was surprised at how much this bothered me.

    She just liked boys better. Which was awesome for those boys.

    Still miss her.