a taste for macabre

It started at the library, when I picked up Cambria Evan's Bone Soup for the girls. With at least four readings everyday, Bone Soup has moved up the ranks with their other three favorite books (Where the Wild Things Are, The Ultimate Disney Encyclopedia and Big Brave Brian). They sing the song, pretend to be Finnigan with his eating spoon, eating stool and his gigantic eating mouth. Now all their outdoor games involve making bone soup, 'stewed eyeballs,' dandelions and all. Their obsession with this dark book morphed into an interest in 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.' Even though I could live my life never watching it again, I knew Trevor loved it, so I put it on for the girls. They love it. The creepy songs especially.

So. Weird. These three-year-old girls have a real taste for the macabre. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, these are the girls who at one-year chose to play with skeleton pirates. They are entranced with the early Halloween displays, and they are probably the only little girls on earth asking their mom to sew them Finnigan dolls.

Hazel, though, the baby I pre-ordered, satisfies my girly desires. When the twins are at preschool, she and I have princess tea parties, read books about sweet babies (instead of baby zombies - no kidding), and watch Tangled.

As much as I don't like the twin's favorites all the time, I don't feel like quashing it is the right thing to do. I think their interests will eventually lead them somewhere, and as long as their interests aren't harmful, I'll let them explore what they will. I would rather they picked out zombie books at the library than not want to read a book. No foisting princess pink on them. Just drives home the fact that these little souls come with their own tastes and passions!

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