upon waking

One of my favorite moments in the day is waking the girls from their naps. That space between wakefulness and sleep, when dreams are still conscious. Each daughter is different at this moment, and I've been thinking about writing about it, mostly for their own appreciation when they are older....

Millie wakes just like a tea-rose, petals hot from the sun, so full that if you touch it the rose falls apart. She is fragrant, toasty-warm, petal-soft, and her hair falls across her face and neck just like falling petals.

Josephine, on the other hand, is white and cool, like an alabaster sculpture unearthed from a dark, Egyptian tomb. Her skin is so pale and white it is translucent, you can see her blue veins criss-crossing her body. She is so still when she sleeps.

Hazel reminds me of a butterfly, she's up-and-at-em right away, and cheerful as can be. All smiles and chatty chatty chatty. Flitter flutter. Colorful, happy butterfly.

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  1. Beautiful descriptions, Shelley. Those are written like a true art historian. :)