tragic sinuses

"They are a tragedy," is what the ear, nose and throat doctor said about the state of my sinuses prior surgery. He excavated, removed bones, and drained out literally a bucket of undesirable content from my skull. He said the state of my sinuses were so bad he couldn't help himself - I got the whole do-over.
And I can't believe how badly I feel. The surgery was last Thursday, and I literally have no memory of Friday or Saturday. It all hurts so much. I tried to back off pain medication today so as to be functional and focused, but all it did was wipe me out, and my dear mum watched the girls so I could sleep. It has so not been a recovery-cation. All I can seem to do is sleep with ice bags all over my face, and feel like the world is wrapped in gauze. My sweet husband and my To The Rescue Mom have literally saved my life the last few days, taking the kids off my hands. Where would I be without them?!
I really hope this surgery was worth it, because right now it feels like someone smashed me with a meat cleaver and left me to die. And the steroids make me feel like crying. I have GOT TO GET BETTER. Willpower. Its going to work for me. I have got to get moving again! My girls are going crazy.


  1. it's kind of maddening for a normally driven person to do nothing but rest. Still, that's probably your best bet for the quickest recovery. Try listening to music and podcasts that you don't actually need to remember post-medication coma, but which might cheer you up or divert you a tad bit. THIS WILL PASS. And hopefully you will feel loads better in a few weeks. It's really not that long. In the meantime if your mom needs a break, your girls are welcome at our crazy house!

  2. Trust me, this surgery will be worth it! Even though my 'nose job' wasn't as extensive as yours, it made a big difference for me in how I felt and how frequently I got (or rather, didn't get) sinus infections.