on a good path.

There have been several moments in the past five days that I have wished my children were more...passive. Or relaxed. Or even just quieter. But they are not. They won't watch more than 10 minutes of anything on tv anymore. They are energetic, creative and imaginative. Always doing, always moving. Playing, talking, moving, pretending. And when their mama wants nothing but to sit still, 'tis hard not to wish the doctor had prescribed them some anesthesia instead.
I've been trying to enrich my spirituality while healing, and last night listened to Elder Holland's CES talk. Yeah, don't miss this one; it will lift your sails and give courage.
After contemplating what he said, I realized how wonderful it is that I have such strong children. They are not going to be pushed around. These girls know their minds, and already have strong senses of themselves. Their strength, willpower and their sisterly bonds will be their best allies in the days ahead of them. Yes, they may be obstinate and relentlessly energetic right now, but I think that it will reap good rewards in the future. I just have to make sure they are planted in the right place - that their roots are growing in God and in faith. I have to make sure they are channeled in the right way with tender nurture and attention. They are all so confident in themselves. I think they are already on a good path.

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  1. Oh, I feel the same way almost EVERY DAY. These kids of mine are exhausting. Watch out world, here they come.