lucky to have her

After spending the first 9.5 years of my life with three rough-and-tumble brothers, I was overjoyed when I finally finally got a sister. I still am. Now that she's finally out of high school its fun having a 'grown-up' sis. However, she will be leaving for college in Idaho soon.......which is something I'm not totally ready to face yet. So I thought of all the best things of having an awesome sister, and here's a list:
  • We share trashy celeb magazines, and if possible we sit and analyze dresses, gossip and hairstyles together
  • We watch old movies together if Trevor has to work
  • She admires my sewing projects, and brings me cupcakes when I'm down
  • We commiserate when we are visited by 'Aunt Erma'
  • We both love Paris and talk about our future trips
  • We support each others' endeavors, but are willing to tell the other when we might being doing something stupid
  • We make lists of the best-looking actors
  • I love hearing about her boy drama (or sometimes the lack of it) and analyzing what he said, or she said, and what to do next, and what she should wear, and where she should sit, and the topics of conversations to bring up. And then we talk about what her future wedding will look like
  • We read the same books (if she'd ever return them, that is!!! *Cough! Cough!*)
  • We clothes shop at the same online sites, sometimes we can share shipping
  • If we're feeling negative, we trash talk Prince Charles or Twilight, and feel better
  • We have similar passions for Disneyland, Audrey Hepburn movies, and driving the old '96 Sebring convertible
  • We both think red velvet cake is overrated, and coconut is underrated
  • Chick flicks
  • She notices if I have done something different to my hair or have 'made an effort' for the day, and compliments me for it
  • She's a great help with the girls, and I can rely on her totally if she's babysitting
  • She knows how to work the DVD player in my van, and remembers which movies my kids like
  • Every Sunday I look forward to her newest dessert
  • We can laugh about our crazy brothers together, and revel in having a sister
She's the best, what can I say. Lucky to have that Daina of mine. 


  1. Love this. I'm jealous.

  2. Thanks Shesh. I love you too :)