avoiding drastic measures

My twins have bid farewell to naps. For the most part. I can't tell you how life-changing this is for me. I planned my entire day on having that one hour when I could pay bills, start dinner, maybe maybe read a book or sew. Now its gone, and I have no idea what to do with my three-year-olds for all this extra time. Its more than just the actual nap, it was that sleepy-sweet time after the nap that they used to eat a snack and watch a little show. Now that's gone too!
And, Amelia has decided she can't sleep at night without me next to her. Or go to nursery. Or do anything without me there. The past five nights she has woken the entire household with ear-piercing shrieks in the middle of night, because "I want you - mama!" Now she sleeps in a nest beside my side of the bed. Which means I can't wake up before her to take a shower and make breakfast, which was another quiet time of my day that is now gone.
Whatever time I used to have to recharge has suddenly evaporated into preschooler neediness. The children have now encroached onto all of my space, figuratively and literally. And I am not handling it well. I haven't sat at my sewing machine in three weeks. I haven't read a page in a book for at least as long. I'm going a bit nutty, and my kids are creating the problem and paying for it by having a grouchy mama.
Trying to think of coping strategies that don't involve drastic measures.

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  1. Well - here's something to contemplate. I'm feeling determined to go back to school next summer (1 class at a time) and need to work out a fat babysitting swap with somebody. Is there something you could do with 4-5 hours a week to yourself? Would it be worth the cost of taking on extra kids for an equivalent period of time? I know it's months and months away, but let me know what you think.