drastic measures, part II

So I have to post a positive update since my last discouraged one. Some solutions have arisen:

Problem 1: Instead of racing upstairs and grabbing Millie when she screamed in the middle of the night, I let her scream. And wake everyone up. Jo and Millie played in their room from about 3 - 4 am. I told you they were crazy. So I got to shower and make breakfast before wake get up. I found them dead asleep together, the overhead light on, but when they woke up they were cheerful!

Problem 2: I will always miss that naptime. But I've decided to substitute it with focused reading time. So instead of throwing my hands up, I'm going to teach them to read. If they don't want to do it - hey! They can go take a nap!

Problem 3: After what felt like an interminable fall break, preschool started again. I took Hazel to story time at the library, and I got to read two pages of an article on folklore. Two pages is more than I do on an average day!

We are problem solving, and I am finding ways to recharge without a break from the kids. Mostly through listening to music during the day, and cooking exciting foreign meals. Tonight is a chicken mushroom coconut curry. We are doing better.

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