Rapunzel hair

Amelia has long, blonde, straight, thick hair. It is glorious. She has way more than a three-year-old needs, more than I've ever seen on a little kid. Its a joy to do her hair in the morning. She always looks so clean and fresh, and with her hair all done she is a beauty. Then she hops to show daddy how she looks while he's getting ready for work. He's a good dad and fawns over her and tells her she is a beauty.
Every time I ask Josephine how she wants me to do her hair, its the same answer every single day. Rapunzel hair (two half-braids). I used to think this was because she is a kid who likes routines and hates change, but I'm starting to wonder if there's something else.

Everyone compliments Amelia's hair, because it is striking. No one ever compliments Jo's hair. Its like mine - dark, silky, and not very much. She also goes in to show her daddy how she looks, and he gives her the exact sweet response as he does for Millie, as much love and attention. But Jo often wants him to really notice her hair. When anyone compliments Millie's hair, immediately afterward they are asked by Jo: "Do you like my hair?" Not to stab anyone with guilt, but her question gets ignored a lot; most don't answer because they didn't know she asked it.

But I know, I'm her mom. I'm starting to think she asks for Rapunzel hair everyday because what she really wants is Millie's hair.

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