preparing to rule?

Josephine decided about a month ago that she was too big for nursery on Sundays. She quit going, and that was that. Its heartbreaking for the nursery worker who loved her most; he even asked me if he came by and said hello to her during the week if she would come back :(.
But no. She won't go. I told her that if she insisted on coming to the class I teach, she would have to be absolutely silent. She had to sit in her chair, not move and not make a sound. If she was noisy or left her chair, it was straight back to nursery.
To my astonishment, she did as I said! For three weeks now, Josephine has come to my class and thence to Relief Society with me. She sits in her chair, quiet and reverent. Its hard to believe she has it in her to do it. Amelia wanted to try today, but she didn't even make it through the opening prayer before she blew a raspberry and wiggled out of her seat!
When I told my brother about it, he said: "The Empress is preparing to rule her empire.....An empire of monkeys, that is."* Maybe she is. But she's been awfully reverent at church. I put all I've got into my lessons for Gospel Doctrine, and most of the time I'm not sure if the end result is worth it. But knowing my little girl is watching me teach out of the Book of Mormon, and hearing my testimony, makes it feel absolutely worth it, even if she doesn't understand it all.

*We jokingly call her The Empress, both because I partially named her after Empress Josephine whom I love, and because, well, my Jo does thinks she should rule!

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  1. The Spirit is understood by any age. Glad she can be with you. If she's being a good girl, why not? :)