happy happenings

Preschool. Its so great. Hazel and I get some good time together. We bake, grocery shop, but I make sure to read her at least three books every time the twins are away. She likes that the most.
Oh, Samwise the Patient. Always hoping for a hand out! (Or a foot, or a dropped bit of goop....)
Branches down on our east crab apple tree :(. But it made a very cool snow fort.
Aww, out sweet puppy. He's so good. LOVES the snow. First time in his life he's ever seen it, and he thinks its perfect. His belly is all covered with fur now.

Millie likes to 'swim' in the snow. She's way more like her dad in that way - I stayed inside with Josephine, who takes after me.

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  1. We took a walk around Provo to look at the snow and there were SO many branches down. A few trees were completely broken apart. I guess the snow must have been really heavy and wet? Poor trees, but fun for everyone else!