so millie

This was Amelia Rose Williams right before walking out the door to preschool today. Love this girl. I had to snag a picture because this outfit because it was just so Millie. She hates wearing sweaters and coats, so I give her the option to wear her blue cape, which she almost always chooses. She has 'fairy hair,' and it was beautiful even though you can't see it in this picture. The green tutu, those famous yellow heels of hers, holding her puppy, Whiskers. So Millie.
There was a two week stint there when she was keeping us up at night for no reason at all, but thankfully that has passed. Between that ending, and all recovered from surgeries, we are doing pretty darn well. I'm finding I blog more often when I'm going through difficulties, but there are blissful times too - like right now. We're at a sweet spot, and I'm relishing it.

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