Christmas '12

Merry Christmas! I would post a cute picture of my girls opening presents, but I couldn't seem to get a moment when all three were completely dressed. Because monkeys don't wear clothes, and Jo thinks she shouldn't either.
The weeks leading up to Christmas have been trying and long this year. As I've mentioned before, we decided to do Christmas on our terms this year and focus more on our nuclear family than extended family, and do things as simply as possible. We cancelled family events with my family, and with Trevor's. I'm still unsure why this created as much drama as it did - because it wasn't intended with any malice.
However....I don't regret the choice. We had some marvelous quiet, family-bonding moments we wouldn't have had otherwise, and we needed. Snowmen, cookies, cuddles on the couch, the nativity story. Precious memories I won't soon forget.
Despite the negative feelings attached to Christmas '12, there were some excellent highlights. Narrowing it to two would be: 1. Writing letters to Santa with the girls. 2. My sibling gift exchange. I had an idea several months ago that for our sibling gift exchange we should do something creative for the other sibling, with a budget of zero. The results were side-splitting. A sock-puppet re-enactment of Beauty and the Beast, a tiny blue monkey named Henri who could only speak French, and a video my youngest bro made doing imitations of the rest of the fam. Trevor made Daina a 'tactical apron,' which turned out to be a mix between an apron and a toolbelt, with an accompanying video featuring 'Trevor's Kitchen.' I was trying to hold so still without laughing that rivers of tears were streaming down my face keeping it in! My brother Spencer revealed a secret talent - he sketched a portrait of my girls for me! I will keep it forever...
So, all in all, Merry Christmas, and may God bless us, every one.

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