right choice

When I was applying for colleges during my fall semester of my senior year, I remember sitting in my bedroom, holding an application to Oxford University in one hand, and the other to Brigham Young University. I didn't want to send both in, because I knew I would be accepted at both (okay, I DO have some Hermione in me!). I wanted to make my decision before I sent them in, because BYU wouldn't have stood a chance if Oxford was offering me a place in one of their colleges. And if I had gone to Oxford, I would have stayed in Europe.

I spent a wonderful soiree last night with a group of people who are in love with Europe as deeply as I am. We talked about glittering mosaics, the music of choirs heard from without cathedral walls, the staunch formalism of European historians, the price of train tickets. As I talked and laughed with these dear friends from graduate school, I knew I had made the right choice all those years ago.

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