a weekend of India

Josephine has a special Indian doll, Sita. Jo loves her because she came with a monkey, whom we named Mumbai (seen in her other hand). Amelia and Josephine both were curious about the red dot between her eyebrows. They were pretty sure it was an ouchie, and I thought this would be a good entryway to another culture :).
I showed them pictures of women with bindis in India, and they thought they were beautiful. Then I remembered the bindis I bought in India, so we all chose one:

Wow. Those were a huge hit. I'm going to have to buy some more. Then Trevor and I decided to make an entire weekend out of it - and we did Bollywood Burn together as a family. Think that's going to become a nightly tradition, we had so much fun. And seriously, how cute are three-year-olds trying to Bollywood dance?! We also sat down to look at some of my pictures of India:
 I explained to the girls that the Ganges is sacred water, Millie just wanted to "play in it."

 I think the girls would have been thrilled with this stand :)!

 Millie was so sweet when she saw this picture, she said: "Mama, I want to wear that shirt. I want to go there, and look like you." I told her we could make that happen when she's older. We've also been watching our favorite Bollywood dances from Fanaa and Lagaan, and listening to Lata Mangeshkar. We'd take them to the Krishna Temple, but I have a feeling our van wouldn't make it through all the snow in Spanish Fork.
I love how at three-and-a-half the girls are old enough to understand there are different places in the world, and different people, and they can embrace them. The real question is now, will we splurge and go out to eat at Bombay House tomorrow for Family Home Evening...?


  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing with me!

  2. If I can swing it, I'll drop of a Bombay House donation tomorrow when I'm out. So if you find a random envelope on your doorstep.... Because I think such thoughts really ought to be fleshed out.

  3. *off* dang one-handed typing.