A three-day deal

Manners matter a lot in our house. Please, thank you, how do you do's. They've nailed 'Excuse me.' Nose picking has been an issue, and I nearly have conniptions if I catch them in the icky act.

At the BYU Bookstore, Amelia found a stuffie of one of her favorite literary pups:

And she wanted him. We left without him, but for days she asked for him. So I struck a deal with her. If she could go three whole days without picking her nose even once, she could have him. I thought she'd either forget the pup, and I definitely didn't think she'd make it three days without a digit in her nasal passage. Jo wanted a similar deal for a little monkey, so I said sure.

They surprised us all! And look what was awaiting their return from school...

So not only do I have two little lassies who politely go to the restroom to blow their noses, I was treated to this sweet sight:


  1. I am going to remember this tactic! Few things gross me out as much as seeing any child go nostril digging--blech. Also, I love that Harry the Dirty Dog book! Nice choice, Amelia.

  2. Oh my gosh! I miss them so much!