Things I say that I hate to hear repeated in my girls' mouths:

"Stupid dog!" This usually comes out of my mouth at dinner time, because he trips me up while I'm cooking, just to remind me that he's huuuungry. Gets just right under my my feet. Makes me mad thinking about it. But I hate hearing the girls say it!

"I'm not mad, I'm frustrated with you." Yeah, they pull this on each other and it makes me feel bad because I say it to them.

"Sometimes I hate today."

"I wish daddy would hurry up and get here."

"Bloody hell!" Yes. My curse of choice. But when I hear Amelia say it, I feel like a chump.

Mercifully, they repeat the sweet things I say too. I love hearing them mimic how I love and care for them to each other. "It's okay Millie, I sure love you, you know." Or, "It was just an accident. accidents just happen." Or, "Jo, you're the best!" And seriously, they copy my better parts way more than my bad ones, because its not too often I get angry enough to let them see it :).

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