Sleep time / Play time

Millie is an all-American girl. She loves puppies, horses, the outdoors, soccer balls, ropes. Energy energy energy. Her twin is not - she is interested in her imaginary worlds, intricate toys, elaborate plots, monkeys. During play time, they balance each other perfectly. Jo pulls Millie into her elaborate stories, Millie gets Jo to wrestle with a rope.

But at bedtime? Oy. Millie is all "Yes! Slumber party with my best friend! Every night!" And poor Jo, who is just more fragile, is ready for bed. Last night Millie was inexplicably awake and playing till 10 pm. Never stayed up so late before! And Josephine? She has dark purple rings around her eyelids, bags under her eyes, and took a 2 1/2 hour nap. All day she has looked like a freshman after finals. But there's no solution! We have no more bedrooms!

I do fantasize about giving Millie that new Zzz NyQuil (not that I ever, ever would.) Just wish I could level the playing ground...

Poor Jo.

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