La maison de Williams has been chilly. The furnace broke two days ago. The low temperatures have been in the single digits, and today it didn't seem to break 25. We keep the oven door open, and fan that heat through the house. We've finally figured out how to plug in enough space heaters without popping the circuits. There are some benefits to having a small house.

I can't say how grateful I will be when heat will come freely flowing through our air vents once more tomorrow evening (everything willing)...


  1. Oh man, I feel your pain. When we had an apartment fire my senior year we were out of heat and hot water for a month during the winter...it was miserable! I'm sure it's only worse when you have three little bodies to keep warm also.

  2. In our 100 year old Queen Ann Victorian home we lived in for 7 years in northern Iowa, the downstairs furnace broke one night. My dad announced it to us by saying "We have good news and bad news. The good news is, it's 60 degrees warmer inside the house than it is outside. The bad news is, it's -20 outside, which means it's 40 degrees inside."

    Thank goodness for wood pellet burning stoves! We stayed in one room the rest of the day.