My conversation with Amelia tonight:

MILLIE, looking at a picture from our wedding: "I want to get married in the temple."

ME: "When you're bigger, and find a boy you love more than anything."

MILLIE: "I found a boy I love."

ME: "Oh, really? Who?"

MILLIE: ".....Rove."

ME: "Oh ho ho, and where did you meet him?"

MILLIE: "At the mall."

ME: "What were you doing at the mall?"

MILLIE: "I was watching him."

ME: "What color was his hair?"

MILLIE: "Black."

ME: "And his eyes?"

MILLIE: "Blue. I want to marry him, mama."

No idea where this came from, and its funny, just so long as we don't have a similar conversation 10 years from now.

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