Ah, the dresses

The princesses chez chateau Williams have been pleading for dresses. Only too happy to oblige. It took me a while to find a pattern that was all I wanted it to be: comfortable, cotton, something they could wear for a long time, and not fussy. This pattern worked perfectly, and wow, the girls are pretty ecstatic about the results. 

Amelia thinks princesses spend significant time deep in 'melancholia.'

She was easily the most happy about her dress. She has been asking me every day for a Snow White dress for the last three weeks. I wasn't willing to shell out $40 for a scratchy dress, so I spent that money to buy fabric for 3 dresses that are way cuter :)!

Classic twirl

Hazel pulls this face whenever I pull out the camera. Its like she bit a lemon.


Doing a jig.


  1. So awesome! You are amazing!

  2. I am so impressed! You are one talented lady. I'm glad you posted pictures. I've been wondering how these turned out!

  3. Oh, I love these. Perfection.

  4. I can NOT show my girls these.....just another Shelley project my girls will covet :) I love them, they are perfect!

  5. Also Hazel's face for the camera, just makes me want to squish her or kiss her!