princess party

This winter feels long. Its been so darn hard to think of things to do indoors with all these tiny kids, without spending money. They have energy out their ears, and if I don't have anything planned, we all go crazy. So, I had some fun, and planned a special princess party for the girls. After they went to bed, I put up crepe paper streamers, twirly ribbons and hearts all over the house, to signal we were going to do something different. Oh they were excited! Jo told me, "Mama, I love the ribbons! Thank you!"
We had a bubble tea party, and *warning,* Crayola's colored bubbles do in fact stain clothes. And take for-ever to get out of the table. But they had a great, messy time!
Had to do some twirling, of course. A true kingdom dance!
Spent some time loving on my lovely princesses....
Trevor, their true knight, armed with a saw, a drill and some wood glue, made these wands for them the night before.
Which we first painted...
Hazel was so stinking cute - very meticulous. She did an amazing job for only being two!
Could she be cuter?! Seriously.
Then we gave them lots of sparkle with Martha's crystal glitter. Then, of course, they needed ribbons. My crafty goddess mother lent me this pile of goodies...
Et voila! Magic wands! That they haven't quit playing with all day!

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