in praise of Samwise

We've finally had a break in this bitter winter (read: temperatures above twenty degrees). There's been enough sun to encourage us all to go outside, which has done wonders for our hearts and souls.

Samwise lost his white ball in a snow embankment. I told him to go find something else for me to throw for him. He came back dragging a four-foot stick. I said, "No Sam, go find something else." He came back with a huge chunk of ice. I sent him frolicking forth again, and he returned with some pebbles. He was just so desperate to play fetch, he kept trying and trying! He kept me laughing with what, in his little puppy mind, were appropriate items to play fetch.

Samwise is a terrific dog. I love how he sleeps on the landing outside the girls' doors when they nap. I love how he charges up the stairs in the morning to wake them with big slobbery licks. I love that he lets them drag him around the house by his collar, and make him wear his sweater. I love how he puts his head in my lap while I'm reading. He's just a great dog, even if he is too big for our small house and drives me crazy under foot in the kitchen.

I really did want a Scottie puppy for Christmas; my mother and husband very nearly surprised me with one. But rational thought prevailed. Since then, I've decided we'll bring home Beowulf the black Scottie when my last baby goes into kindergarten :).

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