There are times when:

There are times when it is obvious my husband did not grow up with sisters. Like when he referred to a skirt as a 'half-dress.'

There are times I'm sad I don't have a twin. Like when my girls are giving each other their special-twin-hugs.

There are times I realize how much Hazel needs a younger sibling. Like when the twins are giving each other special-twin-hugs, and refuse to include her.

There are times when I realize I am much more like my mother than I thought. Like when my brother brought his girlfriend over, and I realized it hadn't been more than ten minutes before I brought up Disneyland.

There are times when I wish my sister lived in my house. Like when she's away at school.

There are times when Massachusetts feels very far away. Like when my best friend is only one state away, but I still can't go see her.

There are times I wonder if I suffer from SADD. But then I just think I'm extraordinarily happy in the summer, and during winter I'm my worst self.

There are times I wonder what feminism actually means. Like when its the 50th anniversary of the publishing of The Feminine Mystique, and articles flood the internet and airwaves with stories like this and this.*

There are times I feel like modern society's problems stem from our obsession with being 'happy,' instead of doing what is 'right.'......Actually, I think this all the time.

*This may produce another blog post sometime soon. I'm not sure if I'm willing to get in a conversation with the world about it.


  1. I also wonder about society's definition of being "happy", because sometimes I feel that it is defined more by having fun, then having joy. Does that make sense?

  2. Also Massachusetts IS far away.......