short stories

I mentioned on FB that after the exploding toilet incident I was going to reward myself with a book. I'll never convert to reading books on a screen, its not the same. Having a book, with that book-y smell, and all the beautiful type on clean pages, makes me read slower and enjoy it more. Plus you can write in the margins. *Ahem,* anyway. I could not decide between these two books:

The Flying Creatures of Fra Angelico
Vampires in the Lemon Groves
Karen Russell
So I bought them both. I love short stories for the same reason I love poetry: they bring attention to singular events, emotions or experiences and pull out the nuances and depth that can often be overlooked in a longer work. I also remember short stories and poems. Its remarkable how often I forget plot lines of long novels I was invested in, but remember every short story I ever read. They stick longer, perhaps because they are concentrated. I also don't have the 'emotional time' for long novels these days. Whenever I do have a quiet moment, which is not as often as one would hope, it seems to comes in half hour segments. Just enough to read a short story - not long enough to remember what happened last chapter.
Having these to look forward to almost make the toilet experience worth it.....almost :)

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  1. A lovely examination of the short story's virtues.