backyard 2013, part 1

 Trevor and I have been working hard to create this little space. Using old, unwanted carpet, we covered the space between the carriage house and the Man Hut, and put the little play house upon it. I splurged on the white bistro set, so I could have a civilized place to sit and sew, or have a chat. But as you can see, it has been popular with all the little people too. I finished the bunting in half an hour - lovely to have such short projects.

Knowing the many, many hours I shall be spending outdoors in the coming months, I added music to the oasis with that tiny little speaker. I love having music in the backyard!

Those blue eyes and blonde curls....impossibly cute! And for the record, I caught her whilst staying 'Daddy,' her favorite person on earth. Accounts for the twinkle in her eye!
And....the mud pie kitchen is officially open.

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