My husband has been getting a lot of freelance work outside his full-time job. A lot. It regularly keeps him up till 2 AM. He does it on Saturday afternoons while the children nap. He does it while we watch shows in the evening. Pretty much any quiet, kid-free minute he's home, he's doing freelance.

But I hadn't seen a cent of his hard work come in, and as the one in the marriage in charge of Money Matters, this naturally concerned me. But I wanted to broach the subject carefully. When I finally asked him if he was actually getting paid to do all this work, he told me what he was doing with it. He's putting it away in his own account, to take us to Europe. Our ten year anniversary is coming up in 3 years.

In the language of love, there is nothing he could have said that expressed his love more. I know there are a hundred ways he would like to spend money right now. I know he'd like to wear clothes that haven't been worn by someone else. He'd like a tv that isn't so old it can't work with a blu-ray player or cable. I know he'd like to drive a more comfortable car to work, one with an air conditioner. I know he'd like to sleep more at night.

But instead, he is staying up late, spending all his free time, making and saving money for something he knows I want with all my heart. I'm pretty sure little red cartoon hearts came floating out of my chest to see such an obvious expression of love. To see him working and sacrificing time and money that he could easily be doing other things to take us to Europe...means the world to me.

It has certainly added a spring to our steps. We talk about itineraries. Bed and breakfasts. Which cathedrals cannot be missed. Sure, we could have emergency. A tree could fall on our house. We could have a seriously sick kid. Broken limbs.

But for now, we are planning a killer tenth anniversary.


  1. awwwwww that almost made me tear up. So very sweet. Trevor, you are forever in the "one of the best men in the world" books. :)

  2. Yay for Trevor! Yay for you :)

  3. This just makes him that much more awesome in my sight :) I love my brother-in-law!