Never too early for 'the talk,' right?

 Our poor Josephine had to go to the doctor's three times last week. We spent plenty of time waiting in the office together, the silver lining: our conversations. She became extremely interested in the anatomical charts in the office. I explained again and again how to interpret the images, showing her where in her own body the charts were displaying. I'm not sure how much she understands, but she has been absolutely intrigued with the idea of our bodies under the skin.

So I went to the library looking for a children's anatomy book, so we could continue the discussion. I only found one that looked like it would do the trick, but it was 200+ pages. Brought it home anyway, along with a dozen books for the others girls. Jo was thrilled I brought home such a book, and has been absolutely obsessed. She has poured over every single illustration, and has had Trevor and I go through the whole book with her. Chapter after chapter.

When we got to the reproduction chapter, I said something like, "Could we maybe read this chapter when you're a little bigger?" She protested: "No, mom, we look at it now. I want to read it." Never one to quash curiosity, I explained best I could. All three girls loved the illustrations of pregnancy, and growing babies. I wasn't too keen to explain the whole egg-sperm illustration, but my obsessive thinker would never allow me to skip it.

I am just hoping she doesn't bust out "Daddy's make sperm. Not mama's; they make eggs. That's where babies come from" on her sweet, young-couple Sunbeams teachers tomorrow. Or to anyone else. Its just no the kind of thing that you want to hear from a three-and-a-half-year-old.

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