Leaving babyhood

Hazel has hit the terrible twos, and she is good at it. She has mischief beams coming out of those blue eyes. Her cherubic face lights up when she's done something that elicits angry screams from her sisters. She's willful about food. She throws ferocious tantrums when I don't let her pull out candy at the grocery store. Worst of all, she knows I can't pick her up, so she darts away whenever she can. This is a real nightmare at fabric stores. 
My best friend often mentions how much she misses her girls when they were smaller. I always feel a little guilty because I do not feel that way. At all. Infant twins? Not on your life. I have PTSD from that stage. Toddler twins? Heck no. Imagine losing TWO at the fabric store.
But, finally, at nearly-four-years-old we've come to a stage that we are all enjoying. We can have two-way conversations. I can say things like "Put your shoes away" and "If you don't let me cook dinner, there will be nothing to eat." I love hearing their imaginations at work. I love reading to them - they will sit through the whole book and ask questions. They are curious. They are leaving babyhood, and this is great. I have a feeling I'm only going to enjoy it more as they grow, and maybe someday say I miss this stage.


  1. For the record I have always stated that I might feel differently about twins :) I love age 4 too, for all those reasons. I also love age 7! Lily is so fun to be around and for the most part, helpful. And even though I can't wait for Rosé to be at an age where she sleeps better, I guess I just love baby-2! But I do love it as they get older and I have loved all of Lily's ages- the real question is will I love the age 13? ;)

  2. Oh and I've never thought you should feel guilty, different strokes......