We bought our little house just about two years ago. I loved it from the first time I walked in, and slowly we have been making the changes we've been planning. My husband, my mum and I have been working very hard on a change I have been wanting for a long time: paint the living room white. This is a much bigger job than it sounds.
But we are nearly there, and I'm crazy about the results. We've painted the walls a creamy white, and the bookshelves, trim, mantle are (or will be) a bright white. I was also firm on painting the fireplace white. Got a lot of resistance on that front, but now that its done everyone loves it. It paints the '70s out.
Trevor installed lights on the top shelves, and it looks so cozy at night! We still have to secure the wires, which you can see in the picture. The green on the back of the shelves was the only color we could agree on, and I think it works perfectly in our room. I guess it's the preferred color in our marriage, since we choose it often.
The blue that was on the walls got a lot of compliments. But I wanted it painted for a lot of reasons. First of all, there was a lot of crayon/pencil artwork on the walls. The biggest reason was that I felt like the blue made the room feel cave-like in the wintertime. Great for the heat of July, but not the doldrums of January. Thirdly, white it my favorite color.
These are work-in-progress shots, since we are still planning to sand down the mantle before we paint it (oy). Also the cabinet doors are going to be done too....so I'll post pictures when it's all done too.
What do you think? I LOVE it...

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  1. Thee green goes with the mirror! I LOVE it!!