We could all use a little nothing for a while

When our furnace broke in January, I believe it set off a series of chaotic crises that hasn't reached its end yet. And I am ready for it to end. Can we just have a spell with no illness, no life-threatening medical emergencies, no expensive and unforeseen disasters? It's like I'm just waiting for one of our cars to die, or Samwise to get hurt, or a broken limb. I drive incredibly carefully these days.

We could all use a little nothing for a while.

But hearing Baby Scoundrel's heartbeat was reassuring today, reminding me that life will proceed and we will survive this phase. A constant beat going on within me that I don't even feel. The little one is growing. My doctor may have figured out a way to help me with this relentless fatigue, and that is also reassuring. I am reading and listening to good books, enjoying 'Call the Midwife' on Netflix, keeping the windows open in the kitchen, and having too much fun reading through absurd names in baby name books. Life can't be too bad, right?

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