If I were Lady Mary...

Whenever I read or watch anything involved with landed British aristocracy (think 'Downton Abbey' or 'Sense and Sensibility,') I of course imagine what my life would be like if I had been born in such situations. And when I think of how I actually live my life, there are things I wouldn't want to change even if I was wealthy enough to pay someone else to do it. I love cooking. I enjoy laundry (really, I do). I don't mind feeding my dog, or changing a dirty diaper. But there are a few things I fantasize about. Things I would have or do (or NOT do) if given the chance, and I have summarized them thus:

A clean bath rug every time I stepped out of the bath
Fresh flowers on my bed stand everyday
Long, white, cotton or silk nightgowns, enough for every night of the week
Spa appointments once a month for "hair conditioning," modeled in exactitude after the Duchess of Cambridge's
Never any car maintenance - never buy gas, never change the oil, never smell that horrible tire-smell, ever.

I think that's about it. What are yours?

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