The contents of a Jeep

My car has been in the shop, so I've been borrowing my mom's Jeep. The contents inside said Jeep are so very indicative of its driver's personality:
  • Four rusty, long steel rods upright in the back seat (why, mom?)
  • Work gloves that look like they might belong to a weather worn construction builder
  • Diet Dr. Pepper can
  • Lots of dirt and dog hair
  • Lovely lemon hand lotion, in a pump bottle in the drink holder
  • A handful of change, but no dollar bills
  • Glasses cases
  • A box containing an interesting antique brass object, in bubble wrap, but looking like it probably needs a cleaning and maybe repair
  • Magazines, mostly Country Living and gardening
  • The radio stations are set to country and classical 89, but Disney CDs in the player
  • Some loose gardening papers
Its blaringly orange ("Why drive a boring color if you have the choice?" I can hear her say), and even some of folks at the Hogi Yogi drive through call it the Tigger Mobile.
Only Linda could drive that car.

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