Beware the Dino

If I have a coupon to use on a single item, we go to Hobby Lobby. So maybe once a month, usually for thread. If the girls are good I let them play with the realistic animal toys near the back by the miniature model material. Millie has invented this game that has me in stitches every time. She has probably played this game the last four trips to HL, and each time I have to be so careful she doesn't catch me giggling; don't want her to become self-conscious and change the game.
Here is how I imagine her storyline goes:

It is a beautiful morning, the kind of morning perfect for a wedding. Our heroine steps outside her home in a ruffly wedding dress and pink crinoline, rose bouquet in hand, on her way to the temple to be married to her brown-suit clad fiancé (who never has a name, or personality). Usually cheerfully singing to herself: "I'm going to the temple....to the temple...and eat cupcakes..." What could ruin her perfect day?
Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs with mouths that open and shut, with rows of pointy teeth. Suddenly the bride looks up, and yikes! "Oh no! Dinosaurs! Run!!!" The bride runs as fast as she can in her white satin, all the while shouting to the dinosaur, "I just want to get married! In the temple! And eat cupcakes! Noooo!!!" She meets many creatures in her mad dash, usually butterflies and gazelles, who can never help her escape.
Then with a great chomp, her wedding dreams are ripped to shreds by a hundred pointy teeth. The groom never seems to know what happened to his beloved. And sometimes, if the bride hasn't satisfied the hungry dino, he eats the gazelles and butterflies.

At $30 a pop, we won't be bringing the dinosaur home to be the wrecker of many more weddings. So I thought I better write down the memory, before Hobby Lobby stops selling them :).


  1. I'm pretty sure we have the Dino you mentioned, I used a hobby lobby coupon on it :) and it's one of Ivys favorites right now :) Tyler has had it for a long time and the girls had to have one of their own, to of course, eat unsuspecting bystanders.

  2. Two things: this link
    there's a weekly %40 coupon there. If you have a smart phone, all you have to do is bookmark the site, and pull it up before you get to the register. The clerk can scan it.

    Second: When Molly and Laura were small, they had elaborate adventures with their myriad selection of dolls and animals. One line of dialog has remained in my memory for 20 years. I don't know who the heroine was, but she must have been desperate: "Winnie-the-Pooh.....SAVE ME!!!!"