The canine conundrum

Samwise is a great dog. He's patient with the girls, super obedient and as submissive as you want a dog to be. He's a sweet Labrador, and we all love him.
But he's strong. Freaky strong. This is not a big deal when everything is going well, but seeing as things are not going perfectly with this pregnancy, it is an issue. Today he pushed past me so hard and fast to get outside he dislodged my kneecap. It is still swollen and hurts. Later today he almost knocked me off my feet. He's only a year old, and his puppy exuberance is natural, but it scares me considering everything that is going on. If he knocked into me hard enough, or ran into my legs, I could be in some serious trouble. I don't know what to do about this. Trevor tells me to leave him outside, but I spend almost all day outside with the kids anyway.
Thinking of giving him away makes us all sad. He's a good dog. But I am afraid of the damage he could potentially do. If he caused me to go into premature labor or caused the baby to come into danger, I'd drive him to the pound myself.
So what do we do?! Hope he calms down? The only good solution I've come to is to make Trevor promise to take him on extra long walks in the morning, and pray. Good ideas, anyone?

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  1. Don't tell your mom I suggested this . . . but can he live with Walter for awhile?