Hazel at 2 1/2 years old. This pictures captures so much of her - she adores her Tinkerbell dress, she's worn it everyday for a week. On her wrist is the Mickey Mouse watch Moogie gave her last Sunday, and she feels so grown up with it. Twinkle in her eye! Rosie cheeks!
She's mischievous, she loves to tease her sisters, and push buttons. Pretty sure its her way of trying to 'get into' the twindom. She's always keeping up with them as best she can. This leads to a lot of frustration on her part :(.
Her favorite foods are Greek yogurt, grapes and mac 'n cheese. She loves time alone in her crib, and walking into her room with her lying on her back, reading a book with her legs crossed is a big joy in my day. She's cuddly, and always seeks out time alone with me, which is why my eldest are in summer preschool two days a week.
Love this little one. So precious.

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