our happy days

So, physically this may be the worst I've ever felt on a daily basis, but emotionally I can't remember a time I've been happier. We've had a wonderful couple of days...
My gorgeous sister and I brought the girls to the Children's Art Festival, and it was surreal to be there with my own children. I've been involved with at least 4 or 5 Children's Art Festivals, running booths, fundraising, organizing, setting up tables, etc. Being there with my own kids was a little odd!
Millie was amazingly still for her face painting.
Wood sprite face painting for Jo. The poor volunteer had no idea what she was talking about.
Millie was afraid to smile too big, in case it wore off her rainbow :)
Pretty sure Hazel chose the ice cream cone because she thought she would get one.
Cookie break!

Enjoying the art projects...
We decided to give the girls their dolls two days early, because Trevor wanted to be there to enjoy it. They each got something extra with the dolls - Hazel's got a backpack, Millie got a pet horse (Plato), and Jo got a doll medical kit.
They were a big hit.
That face! So gratifying!
Jo got right to giving her doll a shot and a band-aid.
Hazel loved the shoes
And the backpack
I knew Millie would love her doll as an imagination vehicle for adventures

The dolls were subjected to many doctor's check ups...

Dolls' favorite food is hazelnuts, apparently

I knew Jo would lover her doll, and Millie would use it as a sidekick, but I wasn't sure about Hazel. Thought she might take it or leave it. But it hasn't left her side since Saturday morning! I was sad we couldn't afford the doll bunk bed, but then I realized the dolls would probably spend their nights in the crook of the girls' arms, which is exactly what happened :). They even came to see the fireworks last night.


  1. Magical is right. I loved all the photos, they capture your girls, their happiness and excitement, so well :)