I'm starting to believe that the best people in the world are, or have been, booksellers. I had so much love sent my way today from the friends I made while working at The Read Leaf and The King's English.
This morning Margy and Jack took my little ones to the BYU Bookstore, and then came home to play a fabulous game they thought up. Build targets out of duplo blocks, and then knock them over with nerf darts. Needless to say the girls thought all of it was brilliant, and I'm pretty sure duplos are going to be part of their Christmas...

And then the mail came, and it wasn't the regular medical bills and junk mail. I had packages! From my dear friends Ann, Paula and Anne. My family at The King's English. I felt so loved, it really lifted my spirits!
And yes, I'm realizing that I'm starting to be defined by my obsession with the Duchess. But I'm okay with that. The woman has single-handedly made it socially awesome to show your post-birth tummy with pride.

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