taking after

Trevor jokes that because the French are no longer having bundles of children, Heavenly Father doled out Josephine to us. She truly does remind me of a French child - reserved, a little stand-offish, and her style is simplified but chic. Today she was sitting with her legs crossed, eating a pain au chocolat, wearing her striped tunic, and I swear she could have been a miniature Audrey Tatou in a cafe.
Amelia, on the other hand, is all American. She loves wearing her overalls best of all (all the pockets!), getting dirty, and sparkly fancy shoes. She loves dogs, fireworks, corn and hot dogs. She's chatty and ebullient.
Hazel reminds me of a Scandinavian little girl. Not only because she is a curly-haired, super-blonde, with bright round blue eyes, but she's minimalist. She doesn't like more than a handful of toys, only likes to wear simple clothes, and (I'm not making this up) she doesn't like candy. She'd rather eat yogurt or apples.
So I'm excited to see what this new little one is like. Will she take after one of her sisters? Or be completely different?

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  1. A lovely look at your little girls. Thank you!