Throw it!

We have a small house, and the upstairs bedrooms are tiny. It's easy to overwhelm them with stuff, and I'm a huge purge-er. But it's hard to tell sometimes which toys or stuffies your kids are really attached to, and which they've outgrown. Then I had a great idea. I told them we were switching up the cleaning routine. Instead of putting all their toys back, we were going to throw them all down the stairs. That's right! Throw them!
We made a game of it, and as I predicted, there were some toys that they would pick up and say, "Aww, mom I can't throw THIS one down the stairs!" Those were spared the DI. The rest though, the ones that were hurled, discretely left the house. I got rid of half the bulk up there this way, and you know what? No one misses any of it. Just thought I'd pass on this nugget to my readers with little ones, with too many toys :)

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